T-minus 3 days

Today was the best Monday ever. I’m not a big fan of Mondays-as many of us aren’t. But today, it was good! It was good because it was my last day of work prior to a LONG vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I really, really, really like my job. I work in an Elementary School. I work with a great staff. I have the best boss ever. None the less I am more than ready for that summer break. 

Some people see the summer break of the educational workers as lucky or unfair to the rest of the working class. I disagree. After four years in the “system” I couldn’t disagree more.  If the people I work with are any indication of how hard the average teacher or support staff works in our nations schools…I’m all for them having a break. 

After all, who wants to mess with the least paid professionals in the Nation. OK, well they vie with Social Workers for the bottom of the pay food chain. Plus, many educational professionals have to get a second job during that coveted summer break just to make ends meet. 

Whichever side you are on in this subject–I’m glad I get my long vacation. I’ll be able to spend some much needed time with my kids, husband, extended family, and friends. I’ll rest, do a little extra work, write some blogs and stuff, hopefully earn a little money to cover my lack of paycheck for two months, and most of all recharge. The more I can recharge the better it is for everyone when I am working the other 10 months of the year. Really – I promise – it’s not purely selfish. 

My Second Home-Alpenglow Elementary

So-here’s to summer and relaxing and prepping for the next school year. I yeah, I forgot to mention that part of the summer break activities. Not exactly all fun and games, eh?

Alpenglow Elementary






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