Pardon the delay…we’re having technical difficulties.



Spanish Fork, Utah

Yes…I finally got an internet connection!

We made it. We survived the travel. We’re adjusting to the time change after staying awake for almost 24 hrs. OK, we had a catnap at the Daybreak Medical Center while my dad had a doctor appointment. People thought Tanner was in need of medical attention, but she was merely exhausted. It was kind of funny, the reactions. I was worried they would kick us out-thinking we were homeless. They didn’t, just acted concerned-even compassionate.

Today we slept in – way in; then we went shopping for the essentials for a really sunny, warm, dry place. It’s considered high desert here. Translation: desert with mountains and lots and lots of pretty flowers. I plan to soak up enough vitamin D to last all through winter, maybe two winters. People laugh at the fact that we are pretty toasty and it’s only 80 degrees. Oh well, we’re odd ducks and that’s just fine with us.

Our first vacation weekend-there will be a birthday to celebrate, a play to attend, and eating outside with NO MOSQUITOES. Eat your heart out Alaskans!


De Jong Concert Hall-above

Press image for play we’ll be attending-below

My sister is one of the directors-yeah that’s right-lots of talent in this family of mine.

A Wrinkle in Time

I better be tessering on out of here. Stay tuned for the continued adventures of me and my chickadees!





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