Where did the week go?

old typewriter sf utah62013
Olympia Typewriter – Confetti Antiques and Books

I did it. I made a schedule. Maybe that’s why I’ve neglected blogging–too busy checking off the list of activities. As much as I crave nothing much but leisure and spontaeous activities for this vacation I have children to think about and family and friends to visit. So – I’m saving most of my book reading to the bedtime prelude. I’ve finished one book already and am half way through the second. I did start a James Patterson book on the plane then lost it when I disembarked in Denver. I have never lost anything on a plane before. I’m not a huge traveler, but still I was 100% sure I wouldn’t lose anything this time either. As a matter of fact, when the flight attendant shared her kind reminder to check around our seats I chuckled to myself, “Those poor people who forget things on the plane. I’m sad for them.”  Yeah-I did that. The hardest thing about losing the book was that I was really into it and about 2/3 through. Grrr. Then my thoughts went to how some lucky person might get to read it too. All the better. I tried to find a copy in the local library here, but it wasn’t available. I’ll have to try again. I’m not frustrated enough to go buy it again. Not yet anyway. Here’s the book. I highly recommend it.

Lost on plane! Enjoy if you find it.

The book I finished was a crime novel centered around a newspaper reporter. It’s called Deadline by Clair M. Poulson. The first couple pages were a bit muddled to me, but I got pulled in by the second chapter. It was a fun, quick read. See a picture of the cover below.


Now I’m on to a YA novel called Loving Will Shakespeare. It’s Carolyn Meyer’s fictional account of Anne Hathaway’s life from childhood and how it entertwines with Shakespeare’s. So far it’s. . .a little stressful. Though it seems to be true to historical events of that time I feel frustrated at the way women are regarded. It makes me want to shake people. I’m at the point where Anne, actually Agnes, is 22 years old, experiencing one disappointment after another. The jury’s still out on the recommendation. I’ll let you know. Here’s the cover.


If you can’t tell, I’ve been staying up late. It’s really one of the easiest ways to keep the reading part of my vacation wish list in my schedule.

As far as other things we’ve done here’s a bullet list of what’s transpired in 7 short days.

  • Visits to Main Street shops in Spanish Fork, UT
  • 4 Favorite shops: Rocket Rebel, My Sister’s Closet, Confetti Antiques and Books, and Ella & Bella
  • Old fashioned Shakes at the drugstore counter – shiny red stools and all
  • Boating with cousin, aunt, and uncle
  • Visit to the MOA exhibits at BYU
  • Eating Corn on the Cob purchased from a corner stand
  • Going to a storytelling class with cousin and other family
  • Eating more vegan meals-yum
  • Shakes from Barry’s in Spanish Fork
  • Watching cousin’s baseball game in Salem, UT – Go Hammerz!
  • Snacks at the Cougar Eat (So sad it’s a food court now)
  • Pictures of my college apartment on BYU Campus-Go Maeser Hall!
  • Experiencing eats at Sonic Drive In, Chick Filet, and Arctic Circle

I think that’s about it. We’ve laughed and joked and gotten a little crabby from the heat. We Alaskans can handle cold MUCH better than heat. I do secretly like the appetite supressant effect of hot weather. Between that and the workouts I’ve started again…I may finally whip myself back into shape.  So time is trotting right along. I’m getting up everyday ready to enjoy whatever adventure we choose next.



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