Sleep Evades Me

I should be sleeping. Everyone else is. It’s extremely quiet right now. The clickety clack of the keyboard is so loud. I had a headache earlier so there’s still a little caffeine running through my veins. It’s one of the side effects of my medication. It’s more than a fair trade for pain.

At Peace

I finished Loving Will Shakespeare last night. I enjoyed it, but still have that overwhelming feeling of injustice for women as well as the wide gap of the haves and have nots. Do some things never change? I do feel blessed to be a woman, especially now. There isn’t much standing in my way of success. I can work, I can stay home, I can do both, I can do neither. I got my education, became an author, travel, speak my mind, and enjoy so many blessings that women in the past had no idea would be part of my life. For this I am grateful. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten myself into trouble ‘back in the day’. I would have voiced my opinion at the wrong time and ended up in the stocks or the bawdy court of some such thing.

I feel somewhat responsible to these women of the past. I owe some of my success to them. Reaching my potential is a tribute to all the men and women in my life and to  those I don’t even know. I also need to pay it forward. . .for all my children and others that walk in and out of my life. It’s a little overwhelming. I pledge to do my best.

I read another book today. I give it a thumbs up. It had me going full speed most of the time. The author has another book out too. If Caller ID is like this one. I’m sure I’ll zoom right through it-gladly.The only problem with reading these books late at night. They can be a little scary. I should pick something lighter for my next read. Ideas? Maybe I’ll check out some friends virtual book shelves. There should be plenty to choose from there.


One thought on “Sleep Evades Me

  1. I’m enjoying your posts. Had to “binge” to catch up but have enjoyed every bit. I can hear your voice telling me all about your adventures. It’s great! You write so well & I love the book critiques.

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