Man of Steel

(I don’t think I ever published this blog-it was supposed to go out sometime between June 22 and July 9. )

I went to see Man of Steel tonight with my chickadees and my husband.

Man of Steel (2013) Poster

I must say – it was action packed for sure. Whew!

All of us liked it. They cast a perfect Ka-el/Clark Kent/Superman. I feel particularly proud of their pick because I picked him for my movie too. It’s not an actual movie, not yet anyway.

I read this series of books called The Great and the Terrible by Chris Stewart. 

After reading the the books I wanted to watch the movie, but there wasn’t one. I decided to cast it myself. So I grabbed my computer and started picking out actors I thought could handle the parts of the main characters. You know how you read a book and form opinions about what the characters look like-even beyond the description on the page? Well, I just took that to a new level with my virtual cast. Some of them came easy-Gary Sinise, as the father. Sela Ward as the mother. Funny right? I didn’t know they were on a show together until I cast them. Even Chris Hemsworth made the short list. It’s hard not to like him as Thor and Capt James Kirk’s father.

Anyway, I was looking for some strong, young soldier-type for one part and guess who I picked? Yep-our new Man of Steel-Henry Cavill. He was someone I’d never heard of before, just found him on imdb. He was perfect for my cast.  Too bad it wasn’t real. Maybe someday I’ll get to cast a real movie, or actually have a screenplay that not only gets attention but becomes a motion picture. A girl can dream! And maybe one day meet “Superman”.

Henry Cavill Picture


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