On the Road Again!

Humidity. Heat. Beautiful corn fields. Illinois summer at it’s best.

Just like the view outside my hotel

It’s a little strange being in my hometown. It’s been ten years. Lots of change. The sun is more intense than in Alaska but less so than Utah. I swear the Utah sun is crazy hot. If I didn’t have a hat on I literally had to cover my scalp when walking from the car to a store. Sheesh! In the words of the pitiful Gollom – “It burns us!”

The heat hit early and strong this year in Utah and AK, but southern Illinois has been rather wet which makes for lovely green grass on the rolling hills. You would think with all the mountains around my home that I wouldn’t miss the hills. But I do. It hits me anytime I visit Illinois. And the cornfields. It’s been so long since I’ve seen corn growing. Wow-it brings back lots of childhood memories.

I have to give a shout out to my friend Anita and her husband, Tom. They have pretty much been babysitting me since my plane landed-late I might add. Bless their hearts they stuck it out after working all day .  Then they probably only got a few hours of sleep before they were at it again. Note to self: get earlier flights when asking friends to sacrifice their time to shuttle you around. Better yet-rent a car so you don’t have to bug anyone.  Thanks again to the Maxsons! You two are troopers!

St Louis Arch
The Arch

Another thing that struck me about being here was sighting the St. Louis Arch. It still takes my breath away and makes my knees weak. Tecninally it’s on the Missouri side of things, but it’s still a huge part of what I consider my childhood home.  My parents both spent many years working in St. Louis and getting Cardinal tickets as rewards for good grades meant we zipped over to Missouri quite often as a family too. Go Red Birds!

I don’t have any books to report on — still addicted to HGTV. Don’t worry I’ll get my fill of that and go cold turkey when I get home – no cable. Such a wise decision! It keeps me from being a complete couch potato! Now that just makes me want to exercise. Sweat here I come!


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