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Traveling through the Blogoshpere

I’m still such a newbie to this blogging thing. Sometimes it seems silly. Other times it is lovely-typing willy nilly then tossing words out to the world. I tend to overthink most everything. It keeps be from DOING. And that just isn’t good.

So I resolve to get out of my own way. My first baby step-going back to making lists. Really. I used to be the biggest list maker on the planet. Ask my sisters. I’m pretty sure my first diary was full of them. I remember being obsessed with keeping track of day to day activities and writing down things I bought and how much they cost. I was sure that prices would go up-even as an eight year old-and I thought it would have significant historical value for whoever may come across my writing in the next century. 

I was also concerned about truth in history, at least my history. So I tried to write about things accurately. It was difficult because I knew my eyes would see different things than others even if we experienced/viewed the same event. I had a hard time wrapping my head around that. 

I think the final demise of my list making habits came when I revisited my teenage journals. Prior to that I prided myself on being level headed and definitely not boy-crazy. Then I opened up my journals. Yikes! Who is this girl I thought? I just couldn’t believe it. I never bought teen magazines, never hung up posters of famous boys, I listened to Barry Manilow for heaven’s sakes. (Shout out to Barry, you got me through middle school with your music. I especially appreciated “I Made it through the Rain”. Thanks!) Yet there on the page were my yearnings to be noticed, valued, and loved. I still shake my head when I think about it.

Again, reading some of those journals made me feel like a fraud, so I stopped writing. Not necessarily a great reaction, especially since I wanted to be an author. 

My first book

Fast forward a few years…I am an author yet still a hesitant writer at times. Ridiculous, I know. But the difference now is I know I can write. I know I can fight the beast of feeling ‘blocked’. And once in a while I can write something I’m proud of and readers enjoy. 

As I am learning to be a blogger I’ve been looking for other bloggers to see how they do it. Below is a book that I found about writing by Kristen Lamb. I just started following her blog. I’m excited to learn more. Her latest blog was about a writing conference in Colorado and her encounter with some sneaky food. Check it out!

Just moved to the top of my reading list

I’m being summoned. Apparently my family has made some yummy food they want me to eat. I love being on vacation! Happy summer reading!